There is no other EA-targeted event of this caliber or size in Central Florida.

Obtaining exposure to this powerhouse community will provide your business with an exclusive opportunity to network and engage with the decision influencers who have the ear of their C Suite executives. Sponsoring this event enables your organization to become part of our Trusted Alliance Network and grants you access to the best of the business community.

What is the EA Quarterly Alliance Event?

The EA Quarterly Alliance draws more than 100 executive and administrative professionals from Tampa Bay’s top employers. These diverse, talented professionals hold highly trusted roles within their organizations and have a significant impact on internal business decisions, company culture and brand reputation.

Event attendees have the unique opportunity to connect with well-respected experts in the administrative field, learn new strategies and best practices to support their executive team, and expand their skills repertoire. Keynote speakers vary each quarter and are carefully selected based on a variety of industry-specific topics, such as the latest trends in the administrative community, how to keep executives organized and the best way to notate meeting minutes.

10 reasons to sponsor an event


Improve the way you are perceived by your target audience.


Increase your community's involvement and improve loyalty.


Target audience turns into loyal customers.


Strengthen customer relationships through face-to-face interactions.


Increase your visibility.


Sponsoring an event is a great chance for a brand to get new contacts.


Build a good reputation around your brand.


Direct access to your target market.


Make your products more recognizable.


Find new partners and meet like-minded professionals.

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